Living your truth

“The things we don’t know about ourselves control us far more than the things we do know.”

Coaching is about your growth and personal development as a human being. One of the most powerful qualities of the coaching relationship is the unearthing of new and unexpected personal truths. These previously unexplored details about yourself have great influence in how you experience life. This expanding self-awareness empowers you to make better choices and lead your life with greater purpose and fulfilment.




Cristina is one of the most compassionate and loving persons I have ever met. She really cares and it shows in how she coaches. As a client you will feel completely safe, loved and "seen". Cristina wants the best for you and helps you to believe that you really can reach your dreams. Because you're worth it.

Cristina can be a quiet listener when she has to. And she can be animated and excited when she has to. But most of all she is herself - full of love, empathy and ambitions on your behalf. And she will without fail push you forward, towards your dreams.

Susanne S. - Denmark

Despite being over 40 and knowing many peers and friends who use therapists and coaches regularly, I had never spoken with a professional coach prior to Cristina.

My coaching sessions are ongoing. Cristina not only gives me practical advice and actions to overcome my challenges but also helps me to structure my goals in a way that makes them achievable.

I didn’t know what to expect but from our first meeting, I felt the benefits. Cristina made me think about what was important to me, what needed work and within a couple of sessions I was 100% more conscious of my world and my power to define it than before.

Sandra S, Public Affairs Consultant - South Africa


I have found the life-coaching journey with Cristina to be extremely rewarding and eye-opening. Her coaching style is very friendly and positive and I felt instantly comfortable opening up about things I wasn't sure I would find easy to share. I feel very supported, not at all judged and she has very quickly helped me to shed light on important areas of my life; my personality, values and goals in a way I never expected was possible.

Using her coaching tools, I am always blown away by how much she manages to understand my personality and help me understand things in a new way. I always go away from the coaching sessions feeling empowered and buzzing and ready to take on the challenges she sets me. I am very hopeful about the continuing journey and would highly recommend Cristina as a personal coach.

Lauren D. Consultant Designer - London



The coaching process

The typical schedule I recommend for coaching is a 60 minute session twice a month, held over Skype or telephone.

As your coach I will support you in focusing more intently and courageously on the things that truly matter to you. We will sharpen your values-based decision making, create a compelling vision for the goal/s you wish to achieve and develop the necessary commitments to make meaningful progress.




Cristina Del Giudice, co-active coach

Cristina studied both Business Management and Interior Design, showing a curious interest for both rational and creative expressions. Before starting her coaching business Cristina spent 10 years working for a large British retailer as Head of Human Resources, employing several thousand employees. With a passion for the arts Cristina has been a ceramic sculptor for over 20 years.

Personal interests include regular travel, outdoor pursuits, the culinary arts (she' s an amazing cook) and is without doubt completely besotted with her beautiful German-Shorthaired Pointer, Kayla.

Having achieved great success in demanding and male-dominated business environments, Cristina is passionate about supporting women to be their most effective selves by honouring more of who they truly are.

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  • Cristina Del Giudice, co-active coachCristina' s art
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