Cristina del giudice life coach

Hi, I’m Cristina!

Good morning beautiful woman, let me introduce myself: I am Cristina Del Giudice, Life Coach.

Let me tell you a little about myself: before becoming a professional coach I worked in senior corporate roles for over 20 years, including as Head of HR for a large UK retailer. Here I discovered my love for people and their potential!

Throughout my journey, I have met many amazing people who have shaped the path I am on today. I became curious about human behavior, relationships and personal development, and the potential to live a more fulfilled life.

I am passionate about supporting my clients to sustain their full feminine potential as they become powerful leaders – in their professional lives and in their personal lives.

Cristina del giudice life coach

You can become the woman you always wanted to be

10 +

Years of experience as a Life Coach

Coaching supports your personal growth and development

Together we can create a winning vision for the goal you want to achieve and develop the commitments needed to make meaningful progress.

Cristina del giudice life coach

How Coaching can change your life?

One of the most powerful benefits of the coaching relationship is the discovery of new insights about yourself, surfacing valuable information that had previously gone unrecognized.

The increase in awareness that a Coaching journey brings can offer you many benefits:


Clarity for what is most important to you


A greater appreciation of your unique strengths and qualities


Increased self-confidence


Feel more fulfilled in who you are and what you do

The things I care about most as a Life Coach

In my role as a Life Coach, I have the privilege of working with women who are eager to improve their lives and reach their full potential.

This profession is fueled by my core values, the pillars on which I build my practice and which I believe are essential to individual and collective well-being. Here on the side you will find the five values I care about most!


It is a path that leads to self-discovery, emotional maturation and achievement of one’s potential.


It’s about the body, the mind, the soul, what I do and what I think, how I dedicate myself to self-care.

Helping others

It’s the reason why I do this job and the way of being present.


Be a leader and have a positive impact.


Being real, living a life in line with my values, being proud and honest.

Let's start the path to your success today!

Cristina del giudice life coach

My experience

Interior Design & Business Management

I started by training in Business Management and Interior Design in South Africa, where I grew up.

I work in human resources

In 2000 I moved to London, where I worked as Head of HR: here I discovered my love for the sector!

Course to become a Life Coach

After first-hand experience with a Life Coach, I realised that I wanted to help people and make a difference!

Continuous training

To help other women rediscover themselves, change their lives and feel better, one step at a time. I love seeing the potential of the women I follow blossom!

Associate Certified Coach ACC

Accredited by the ICF International Coaching Federation


What those who have already worked with me say