Cristina Del Giudice
Life Coach

I help women like you reach their full potential

life coaching

Support for you and your personal growth

Life coaching is professional support that guides people towards goals, awareness and personal improvement through specific conversations.

One of its most powerful benefits is the discovery of new knowledge about yourself, which will help you surface valuable information that was previously unrecognized.

The things we do know about ourselves control us much more than the things we don’t know!

Cristina Del Giudice, Life Coach

Cristina del giudice life coach

Coaching – the benefits

Coaching and the related increase in awareness can offer you numerous benefits! Among these:

Positive change

Stimulation for conscious and positive behaviors and attitudes.

Improved relationships

Development and strengthening of relational skills.

Stress management

Development of customized strategies to address challenges.

Work-life balance

Creation of harmony between work and personal life, respecting routine.

Let's start the path to your success today!

Cristina del giudice life coach

I care about your success

For more than fifteen years I have been taking women of all ages and backgrounds by the hand and, thanks to targeted coaching sessions, I help them bring out their best version, achieve their goals and their success. I can help you in a personal or business context, to rediscover your true essence, without giving up and in full respect of your feelings.

Journeys completed

Years of experience

Why choose me?

I believe you already have the wisdom and ability within you to live the best version of yourself.

My role as a coach is to ask you, listen to you, and empower you to tap into your full resourcefulness.

I will always be by your side
I will accompany you on your journey of self-discovery where we will have courageous conversations, deepen your self-awareness, overcome fears and obstacles, and take action to reach your potential and goals.
I will support you in every step and decision you make

I will support you in focusing more intensely and courageously on the things that really matter to you, helping you in the decision-making process and in finding and rediscovering every part of you, step by step.

We will achieve your goals
Together, we will work to identify and achieve your goals: we will discover what really matters to you, your priorities and all the ways in which you can take care of yourself, to always give only the best.